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Occamotif: Install of the "Drop-in" Turn Signal Harness Kit for the AE86 JDM Kouki Front Bumper

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

This kit was designed to be an almost 100% plug-n-play harness for the install and proper operation of the #JDM kouki #AE86 front bumper turn signal lights in an unmodified, factory USDM chassis. One of the goals was to eliminate any cutting of your factory dash/chassis harness when performing the #conversion over to the Japanese market #kouki (and other similar #aftermarket kits) bumper.


Harness Components



1. Remove the left hand, board sub-assembly trim (mine has seen better days):

2. Next, remove the trim piece covering the steering column. Then locate and unplug the turn signal connector...

...plug the turn signal connector into the Splice Connector and in turn the Splice Connector into the turn signal switch assembly connector:

3. Back at the fuse block you uncovered from first removing the board sub-assembly trim, locate and unplug the connector high-lighted in green (img 3a)...

img 3a

...insert the +12v Ignition "On" female spade connector on the harness as shown...

...then reconnect the connector back into the fuse block:

4. Mount the Relay Box (relay boxes in final version will look slightly different from the pictured prototype) as you see fit (I found an open spot):

5. Now attach the harness's Ground connector to an appropriate chassis ground (I used my steering column 'cuz I lazy):

6. Route the turn signal connectors accordingly and make your connections - I made a small "X" shaped incision in the firewall harness protector and went about my business:

7. Turn your attention back to the fuse block and insert a 30A fuse (if there isn't one already there) in the indicated location (img 7a)...

img 7a

(excerpt from the factory EWD service manual)

8. Let's grab your USDM bumper turn signals and de-pin the white connectors off of them...

...and take note of which wire from the 4 pin connector responds to the slots on the 3 pin USDM indicator connector: the 2 black wires of the 4 pin connector run directly to the 2 bottom slots in the 3 pin. Finally, the white wire takes up the single top position.

Now just secure the harness, button her up and enjoy all your hard work - you're done!

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Oct 18, 2023

To possibly use this in a #JDM zenki #Trueno chassis, swap the turn signal pwr lines at the relay block to account for wiring length since it'll be mounted RH side now.

Then perhaps all that needs to be done is de-pin the zenki turn signal connector(s) harness side and pin them into the turn signal connectors on the kouki "drop-in" harness. This is all theoretical, btw.

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