If you need to run a 36-to-1 trigger wheel on your 4AG build but don't want to weld one to your crank pulley or run an aftermarket pulley with one THEN fab up a bracket for the VR sensor, etc...etc...this fixes that and makes for a more streamline setup.

*NOTE: Beat up old Timing Belt Guide in picture(s), or ANY TBG for that matter, is not included in any purchase unless otherwise specified.



36-to-1 "OEM" Timing Pulley for 4(5/7...to infinity, and beyond!)A-GE

  • Crank angle sensor equipped 7AFE oil pump required (not included but optional) Toyota P/N: 15100-16070 and Crank Angle Sensor (not included but optional) Toyota P/N: 90919-05011