3SGE Beams DCOE Intake Manifolds - *Limited Stock

3SGE Beams DCOE Intake Manifolds - *Limited Stock


If you're one of the ostracized and misunderstood for your love affair with carburetors and would like to further be shunned for your heretical desire to outfit a 3SGE Beams motor with a wicked set of side draught carbies, look no further. 

First of their kind, 3D printed of sturdy Nylon12, these manifolds are stronger than ABS and are petroleum resistant.  Designed to mount your choice of sidedraught carburetors in the DCOE fashion, these manifolds will fulfill that blasphemous desire.  If you change your mind and happen to have a set of Borla DCOE Throttle Bodies, Jenvey Throttle Bodies (check out their Heritage Line) or any other DCOE style ITBS vintage or new, you can also go back to efi easily enough with these manifolds.  Peruse our pictures to get hooked...I mean, for your consideration.



***Shipley's Donuts mug NOT INCLUDED!!!

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