We all know how old these engines are and there's no telling how many hands have mucked about with them.  So, it's not surprising they're no longer "NIB w/ All Original Accessories!".

The factory spark wire separator is definitely an early casualty - trafficked, abused, neglected and broken, etc...

Not surprising they're discontinued (sadly 30 something years now out of production but thankfully a tv show of the same title is, too).

"Purists" won't be interested BUT those of you with a more pragmatic perspective might.

The mounting bracket is stainless steel and the upper portion 3D printed out of HTPLA.  They're meant to accomodate factory plug wires so don't come pitch fork and torching my sunbathing time when you deform and break it force feeding it Oscar Meyer Weiner size wires.  I'll just recommend you ziptie some hotdog buns to your distributor and invite friends to bring beverages.  Don't forget the mustard and relish...oh, and "catch up".

4AGE - Spark Plug Wire Separator