4EFTE/5EFHE - Distributor Cap Off

4EFTE/5EFHE - Distributor Cap Off


You're running stand alone on your little 4E-FTE and even employing Coil On Plugs - so you think you're hot stuff.  Well, you're NOT... if you've got the stock distributor cap still on there looking like a Rastafarian that just has the nubs of his recently chopped dreds sticking out of his head like dead tree stumps.

Make a clean break from the spark plug wire life with this fancy shmancy cap off that'll officially say "Distributor!?  Whatchootalkinbout, Willis!?  It's a crank/cam angle sensor."

  • Note:

    • Material: Nylon 12
    • Includes new gasket made from TPE
    • Includes stainless hex cap bolts