If you're one of those stubborn old souls who went ahead and carbureted a 4AG motor: you know you need spark and timing advance.


CNC'd from 6061 aluminum, this +adaptor will allow you to *mount an electronic distributor from a **1.2L 1978-79 Corolla or 1981-84 Starlet to the 4AG head, thereby giving you centrifugal and vacuum advance.


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4K Distributor to 4AG Adaptor

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  • *The driven gear from a 4AG distributor will need to be transferred to the new distributor. The shaft of the donor distributor is often too long and will need material removed for clearance. 


    **Some distributors for the above suggested car models will need a lock down clamp, Toyota P/N: 19955-24010. Some earlier models with similar distributor bodies employed a "points" type of ignition. They are potential options when converted to electronic ignition.


    +The kit comes as a two piece set where different size collars can be employed to accommodate other distributors that may be viable options.  The main body of the adaptor is not drilled or tapped so as to allow the end user to determine the orientation of the adapted distributor for TDC.