You've been sitting on an extra pair of factory GTS rear calipers (I'm talking to YOU, yeah you, you horder you) maybe for a rainy day, make some extra cash or because you don't know how to say no when you see an AE86 part out.  Well, why not use them for that independent hydraulic handbrake setup you've been meaning to install in your Corolla.

CNC'd from 6061 aluminum, these brackets are meant to mount a pair of factory AE86, rear disc calipers on the GTS (USDM) factory disc rear end.  You'll have to "86" the dust cover but you can always add them to your horder collection.

*These will also accommodate  the Celica-Supra (MA46/47) rear calipers as they share the same mounting bolt pattern with the AE86 rear calipers.

AE86 Rear Dual Caliper Bracket

  • 1x pair of 6061 Aluminum Dual Caliper Brackets