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With the consistency of a spool and the added "slip" of an aggressive LSD when it's time to find that parking spot, our new locker for the 6.3 Toyota differential will provide that sought out performance that is few and far between for these passed over "little brothers".


Based on a proven design and made in the USA, these lockers will more than likely out last your chassis.


*Recommended Gear Oil: Valvoline High Performance 85W-140


Available until March 2024 or while supplies last.

*International customers, please contact us for a quote for additional shipping costs.

AE86 SR5 / TE / KE / CE 6.3 Differential Locker

  • Japan, March, 1979 - June, 1987:

    Sprinter & Corolla KE7*, AE70, AE71, TE7* & CE70

    North America August, 1979 - June, 1987:

    Corolla AE71, TE72 & AE86 SR5

    Europe, August, 1979 - June, 1987:

    Corolla KE70, AE71, TE7*, AE86 SR & CE70