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If you're wanting to convert to EFI from a set of DCOE style carburetors, these ITBs are a tried-n-true solution. By employing the DCOE style format these individual throttle bodies eliminate the extra step and expense of another intake manifold when switching over to fuel injection.


These throttle bodies specifically use either EV6 or EV14 style injectors (but are not included with this product). EV6 Bosch injectors are pictured installed for example purposes only.


** Please allow for minimum 2 week delivery time from date of purchase **


International customers please contact us for a proper shipping quote.

DCOE Style Individual Throttle Bodies

  • EV6 or EV14

  • Sensors applicable to 8mm 'D' profile shafts.
    Wabash RPS 971-0001
    Wabash RPS 971-0002
    VTP11 (for either CW or CCW rotation)

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