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Group Buy ends Friday July 5, 2024


*A minimum of 10 orders needed.*


If your AE86 is currently sporting the SR5 rear end with factory drum brakes and would like to convert to rear calipers without forking over a pretty penny for a full GTS rear end swap - here's the kit you're looking for.


*As of April 2024, we've made modifications to this kit allowing it to also be used with the MX72 (Cressida Wagon) drum brake rear end.  It's as easy as flipping the brackets over and swapping them Left to Right/Right to Left.


The kit comes with x2 brackets CNC'd out 6061-T6 billet aluminum, x2 spacers to make up for the drum brake backing plates you'll be "86ing", x2 hydraulic hose end stays and all of the nuts and bolts you'll need to mount the kit up to the SR5 rear end and the GTS rear calipers (not included in this kit) to the brackets.  A list of part numbers for additional but necessary componets (i.e. rotors, calipers, etc...) not included in this kit will be provided in the packaged kit.


*not included in this kit:

  • rotors
  • gaskets
  • rear hydraulic brake hoses
  • calipers
  • brake pads
  • brake pad hardware
  • parking brake cables and related mounting hardware


++notice: in two pictures a close up is shown of how the original SR5 hard brake line was rerouted (using various brake line forming tools) to mate up with the GTS hydraulic hose.  If you decide to go this route be extra careful.  The lines will break from repeated bending and/or pinch if done without supporting the hard line walls.


++additional notes: shown in the accompanying pictures are non-CNC'd, prototype 3 piece, modular aluminum brackets.


*International customers please contact us for a proper shipping quote.

Group Buy: SR5 / MX72 to AE86 GTS Caliper Bracket Kit

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