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1979 Celica-Supra rear calipers, pads, ss braided lines, mounting brackets & rotors pulled from a running AE86 coupe GTS rear end.


Comes with everything pictured. 


These will bolt directly up to the AE86 GTS rearend and use the same exact rear axle bearing gaskets.


*Price shown includes shipping to US Destinations. International customers please contact us for a proper shipping quote.

USED: 1979 Celica-Supra Rear Calipers Assembly

    • LH Rear Caliper Assembly: 47750-14111
    • RH Rear Caliper Assembly: 47730-14111
    • LH Rear Disc Brake Dust Cover/Mounting Bracket: 47804-14020
    • RH Rear Disc Brake Dust Cover/Mounting Bracket: 47803-14020
    • Rear Caliper Brake Pads: 04466-14080
    • Rear Caliper Shim , Anti-Squeal Kit: 04946-14020
    • Rear Caliper Hardware: 04948-14040
    • Rear Disc/Rotor: 42431-14040
    • Rear Axle Housing End Gasket (metal): 42185-14010
    • Rear Axle Bearing Retainer Gasket (paper): 42425-14010
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