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"Digital Display" (RFTW baby!!!) - Proof of Concept : Running Dual Digital Clusters in the AE86

A quick update on the Raspberry Pi Digital Cluster Project - finally got her installed in Law's Levin Hatch. The install was all very straight forward as it was worked out and tested on the "bench" beforehand. With a little bit of cable routing, sheathing and heatshrink all the necessary connections were easy-peasy. Ran separate circuits for the USB ac/dc pwr converters and supply for simple troubleshooting. A keyboard & mouse can still be easily connected to the Raspberry Pi for tuning and diagnosing. Right after the install we recorded and uploaded footage of testing the power up of the cluster and the shutdown. There are already future plans to automate the shutdown process along with extending the USB connections to a surface mount for even easier access. For now enjoy the video!

She's still a work in progress but should be running about town soon.

Footage of just the cluster working in real time with the car running/idling.

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