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Heads Up - Fun Developing a Custom Cluster for Our Beloved AE86 - Part 2

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Previously, I had completed a prototype and fully functional custom gauge cluster that fit neatly in the factory cluster location and behind the oem lens. Arie PF, from the 86Connect FB Group, commented "thats pretty cool. can you dual screen it? I saw something like that in a renault years ago." and someone else observed that it was a shame for the extra space to go unused. I wholeheartedly agreed with both of them.

I did have my initial doubts that I could fit two screens when I first approached the project and so I just went ahead with the one screen to get the plans rolling and knowing with 100% certainty a single display would fit. Now, I just needed a quick answer if dual screens would fit before I moved forward. Fortunately, I actually had a couple of additional screens of the exact size so I just laid them side-by-side and centered the factory lens over the two and discovered that it was definitely possible.

I redesigned the original 3D printed parts I initially worked out in graphic form. I used an open source graphic illustrator called Inkscape. I had always been an Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop user for over 20 years but discovered Inkscape several years ago and fell in love. The great thing about the parts I designed is they easily translate to 2 dimension layouts and the other program I use for 3D modeling, OpenSCAD, yet another open source application, allows for importing in my .svg Inkscape designs without a hitch.

It took about 36 hours for all of the parts to print (and that's not even 100% infill for you fellow 3D printers). Everything fit nearly perfectly (the left side of the left screen cap needs to come in 1/8" more to cover the exposed display frame) on the first try. Seeing all the great ideas from others inspired this one. Without further "adieu", check out the brief video. I hope you like how it turned out - I do.

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