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"Improving" On the Little Things: 4AG Alternator Tensioner

For all of the fellow die-hard, stubborn 4AG brethren, you're familiar with grabbing a large screwdriver, pry-bar, etc...wedged between the alternator body and block in one hand to apply tension on the belt while tightening down on that 12mm bolt with the other. Then afterwards, torquing down on the 14mm underneath. No sooner than having done all of that, you fire her up and are welcomed with the loving belt squeal smugly saying "You thought you were done." Okay, so that scenario was a bit over-dramatized. Over a decade ago, I threw together some spherical rod ends/heim joints (one left-hand threaded and the other right-hand), accompanied with appropriate jam nuts and an aluminum turn-buckle in the center to make the job of "tension-ing" the alternator belt easier. Lately, I've wanted to make it a little more "factory" as well as accessible since parts, like those mentioned earlier, can and do run out. I think I like how it turned out. It even uses Toyota parts. Enjoy!

"...oooo, that 13 year old trigger bracket could use a rebirth."

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