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This kit was designed to be an almost 100% plug-n-play harness for the install and proper operation of the #JDM #Trueno kouki #AE86 front bumper turn signal lights in an unmodified, factory USDM chassis. One of the goals was to eliminate any cutting of your factory dash/chassis harness when performing the #conversion over to the Japanese market #kouki (and other similar #aftermarket kits) bumper.


*USDM bumper turn signal connectors are not included - these are customer provided pieces.  Wiring instructions will be provided.

**ATTENTION**: These harnesses are considered custom items and only a few kits are readily available as per demand - please allow for a 2 week minimum wait time for your harness to arrive, though some may arrive sooner depending on availability.


International customers please contact us for a proper shipping quote.

AE86 USDM to JDM Kouki Turn Signal Harness

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